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Virtual Services

The following services are offered remotely or in-person:

Energy Boost Session 1hr

The Energy Boost Session is a rejuvenating experience that combines a 30-minute Reiki healing session with a 30-minute psychic reading. You can enjoy the benefits of energy realignment and relaxation during the Reiki healing, followed by a psychic reading to gain valuable insights into your future. This session can be conducted remotely, allowing individuals to receive the energy boost and future guidance from the comfort of their own space. The Energy Boost Session offers a holistic approach to well-being and empowerment, promoting both energetic balance and clarity about one's life path.


Spiritual Tune-Up 1hr

Spiritual Tune-Up is a transformative service that aims to enhance your spiritual well-being. In just one session, you will receive a 20-minute psychic reading, allowing you to gain insights and clarity about your life path. You then embark on a 20-minute spirit guide discovery to connect with your spiritual guides for guidance and support. Finally, a 20-minute Reiki session is provided to restore balance and harmony to your energy centers. The best part? This comprehensive experience can be enjoyed remotely, making it easily accessible for anyone seeking a spiritual tune-up.


Guided Spirit Meditation 1hr

Guided Spirit Meditation is a transformative 60-minute session that invites you to embark on a profound journey of spiritual development and relaxation. With my guidance, you will be led into a deep state of meditation, allowing you to connect with your spirit guides for guidance, support, and spiritual insights. This can be a remote session to offer the convenience of participating from the comfort of one's own space, providing a serene and accessible opportunity for inner exploration and connection with the spiritual realm.


Quick Recovery Session 1hr

Quick Recovery Session is a comprehensive and integrative approach to healing, combining a 30-minute trauma or addiction counseling session with a 30-minute Reiki healing session. This unique combination aims to support you in your recovery journey by addressing emotional and psychological aspects alongside energy realignment. The session can be conducted remotely, allowing you to receive the necessary guidance and energy healing from the comfort and privacy of your own environment, fostering a safe and accessible space for healing and growth.


Future Pathway session 1hr

The Future Pathway session is a comprehensive 60-minute experience that offers you detailed insights into your future and assists you in making informed decisions. I will provide personalized guidance and predictions, allowing you to gain clarity and understanding about your life path. With the convenience of remote access, you can receive valuable information and guidance from the comfort of your own surroundings, empowering them to navigate their future with confidence.


Harmony Session 1hr

The Harmony Session is a transformative experience that combines spirit guide discovery and a psychic reading to offer profound insights and spiritual alignment. You will have the opportunity to connect with your spirit guides, gaining guidance and support from the spiritual realm. Additionally, I will provide a detailed reading, offering valuable insights into your life path and spiritual journey. The Harmony Session allows you to access these transformative services from the convenience and comfort of your own space, promoting spiritual growth and alignment.


Holistic Recovery Program 6-1 hr sessions

The Holistic Recovery Program is a comprehensive and personalized package designed to support individuals dealing with addiction or past traumas. This program offers a unique blend of addiction counseling, trauma counseling, and Reiki healing, addressing the issues from physical, emotional, and spiritual perspectives. The package includes a series of sessions, typically one session per week, tailored to your needs. Remote sessions are available, allowing you to access the support and healing you need from the comfort and privacy of your own environment. The Holistic Recovery Program provides a holistic approach to recovery, promoting healing and transformation on multiple levels.


Psychic Life Path Counseling 6 1-hr sessions

The Psychic Life Path Counseling session is a comprehensive package that combines psychic abilities with counseling skills to provide you with valuable insights into your future and guidance on navigating challenges. The package includes a series of sessions, typically one session per week, allowing for ongoing support and exploration. With remote sessions available, you can conveniently access the services from your preferred location. This unique blend of psychic and counseling expertise offers a holistic approach to understanding one's life path, empowering individuals to make informed decisions and pursue a fulfilling future.


Reiki Healing Session 45min

The Reiki Healing Session is a transformative experience that focuses on balancing your energy and promoting physical and emotional healing.

For Cancellations

If something comes up and you need to cancel your appointment, please give me at least a 4-hour notice. If it's less than 4 hours before your appointment, then you must reschedule. If you do not reschedule, you will be charged a $50 fee on your next service. 



I offer my services at a flat rate of $125 per hour. For those who require additional time, I offer the flexibility of extending the session in 15-minute intervals at a cost of $25 per interval, depending on availability. This allows clients to tailor the session length to their specific needs and preferences, ensuring a personalized experience. The 45-minute services are $75.

In addition to my in-office sessions, I also offer the convenience of traveling to clients' homes or businesses within a 30-mile radius from my office. For those who prefer this option, there is an additional travel fee of $20 on top of the service cost. This allows clients to enjoy the comfort and convenience of receiving my services in their preferred setting, without the need for travel on their part. Please email me personally after booking the appointment to set up travel arrangements.

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