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In person services

The following services are only offered at my studio in person

Relaxation Express session 1hr

Relaxation Express is a rejuvenating session designed to provide immediate stress relief and energy realignment. You will indulge in a blissful 30-minute massage, targeting areas of tension and promoting relaxation. Following the massage, a 30-minute Reiki healing session is offered to restore balance and harmony to your energy centers. Please note that the Relaxation Express session is available for in-person sessions only, ensuring a personalized and immersive experience.


Massage & Mediumship session 1hr

The Massage & Mediumship session is a unique combination of relaxation and spiritual connection. You will enjoy a soothing 30-minute massage, promoting physical relaxation and wellness. This is followed by a 30-minute medium session, where I facilitate a connection with the spirit world, offering messages and insights from loved ones who have passed on. This session is available for in-person sessions only, providing a personalized and immersive experience for clients seeking both physical and spiritual rejuvenation.   


Energy Alignment Massage 1hr

The Energy Alignment Massage is a unique and immersive experience that combines the benefits of a traditional massage with the energy-balancing effects of Reiki healing. During this in-person session, I will skillfully perform the massage while simultaneously channeling Reiki energy to promote deep relaxation, release tension, and restore energetic balance. This holistic approach addresses both the physical and energetic aspects, providing a comprehensive treatment that leaves you feeling rejuvenated and aligned in body, mind, and spirit.

For Cancellations

If something comes up and you need to cancel your appointment, please give me at least a 4-hour notice. If it's less than 4 hours before your appointment, then you must reschedule. If you do not reschedule, you will be charged a $50 fee on your next service. 



I offer my services at a flat rate of $125 per hour. For those who require additional time, I offer the flexibility of extending the session in 15-minute intervals at a cost of $25 per interval, depending on availability. This allows clients to tailor the session length to their specific needs and preferences, ensuring a personalized experience. The 45-minute services are $75.

In addition to my in-office sessions, I also offer the convenience of traveling to clients' homes or businesses within a 30-mile radius from my office. For those who prefer this option, there is an additional travel fee of $20 on top of the service cost. This allows clients to enjoy the comfort and convenience of receiving my services in their preferred setting, without the need for travel on their part. Please email me personally after booking the appointment to set up travel arrangements.

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