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A.U.R.A Past Life Regression $300

This service can be offered in-person or virtually

A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing is a unique technique that uses past life regression to unlock the organic memory of the soul and foster holistic self-healing. The method, born from universal sacred knowledge, helps you understand how to free yourself from the 3D Inverted A.I. Matrix. Distinct from other regression techniques, A.U.R.A. begins with sacred energy work sound bath, connecting you to your Higher Self before the hypnosis induction. This reduces ego-mind interference, allows for detailed journeying, and enhances self-healing. If difficulties arise in connecting to your Higher Self, Archangels and Ascended Masters assist, promoting healing of mind, body, and soul. The method has profoundly impressed practitioners, asserting the importance of energy work before past life regression sessions.


Ensure to have these items: an eye mask covering, a selenite, black tourmaline, or black obsidian crystal. These are important in aiding through the session, and to ground after. This process can take about 3 1/2 to 4 hours. Ensure that you have a comfortable place to lay at and that you are alone for the best results, for you to be completely relaxed to go in, for deep answers of your soul! Do keep your dogs and cats around as they help energetically with your session. 

Be aware of how you are feeling after an A.U.R.A. Hypnosis Healing session and be mindful of the rest of your day. Prepare yourself/day to not drive for 3 hours after an A.U.R.A. session (and as long as you feel it necessary). This is recommended while your body goes through its healing process. If this is an IN-PERSON session, please take an Uber/Lyft/taxi, or have someone drop you off/pick you up as a precaution to your energetics. 

Set your intent and be clear about why you are seeking a session. There are several reasons one might seek a session, and being able to convey this will be most helpful to your practitioner.  

Prepare a list of questions/concerns to ask during your session, no more than 11.

Practice connecting to your Higher Self, intent to balance your ego mind: start by saying to yourself, both out loud and inside your mind, “I have clear and direct communication with my Higher Self”. Understanding that this expanded presence is within you - and not external to you - will allow the communication to flow more freely in your session.

Practice surrender and allowance when speaking to the higher self. Your ego mind might try to interfere when you are speaking to your higher self. When it tries to interfere, ask it with love and respect to step aside. 

Drink water. Water equals consciousness, it is the conductor to higher frequencies! 

Leave expectations at the door. Every session is as unique as the individual who has one. Your session will unfold in your own consciousness in your own way, and will more beautifully do so if you don’t expect certain things to happen or not happen.

Don’t have too many caffeine drinks before your session. Preferable none.

If you use recreational drugs, please do not use them 1 week prior. Otherwise, we can have a hard time in connecting you to the higher self who is all-knowing, in receiving the healing and answers you desire.

Eat a snack or light meal prior to your session.

Dress very comfortably in white or light, loose-fitting clothing, and minimal jewelry - and go easy on the mascara. Tears are very common, they are “release healing mechanisms” and are most welcome.

Self-healing: When you have a session, your Higher Self initiates the self-healing process that we all possess by connecting you to your auric field and energy body correcting deficiencies it identifies.

Practice quieting your mind as best as you can with meditation or perhaps even some quiet time out in nature. You mustn’t be looking at your phone or focusing on work or other obligations. Practice daydreaming, existing with the Frequency of Wonder: In your imagination state “I wonder if I look left what will I see? I wonder if I look right what will I know?” Exist within wonder as you go in your mind's eye, meditation, or visualization practice.

With this technique, you are surrounded by a protective Source love-light pyramid/Merkabah from the beginning to the end of the session. Know this and feel it so that you may further surrender to the infinite quantum healing energies.

For Cancellations

If something comes up and you need to cancel your appointment, please give me at least a 4-hour notice. If it's less than 4 hours before your appointment, then you must reschedule. If you do not reschedule, you will be charged a $50 fee on your next service. 

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